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Robert Moore

David, chickens counted before hatched! Data Manager is now processing HRIT, Met-5 and Met-7 and GOES-12 in a loop - all 1200 (GMT) data. The lines in the log file in Manager racing down the screen documenting this looping.
Ho, hum ...


--On 17 April 2005 11:55 +0100 David J Taylor <> wrote:

Robert Moore wrote:
A problem remains: I have the PIDs set as in the instructions on your
web site but I am only getting GOES-12 data MPEF etc (Channel 1 and
Channel 3 data?) but no HRIT. In Setup4PC 'Statistics' there are only
data on line 4; MC 01-00-5E-5F-DE-DF the others are zero. 'netstat
-a' showed that 1065 was missing.

Given that all the settings seem to be OK I'm puzzled by this.

Check the PIDs again. Be sure when right-clicking the green Setup4PC
taskbar icon that "EUMETCast :: Hotbird 13 E" is ticked, and not

I think if you have a wrong username and password that might stop the
HRIT data but leave GOES and MPEF (Data Channel 3). Is the 30-minute
Met-5 and Met-7 coming through? If so, I would guess the password is OK.

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