Re: upgrading

Robert Moore

'As other have said, placing user data inside the Program Files folder tree is not in keeping with today's security policy, and can cause problems when trying to share a folder over the network.'

Thanks David - Program Files was the last place where I wanted anything, I must have missed the screen which enabled me to force installation in another directory (or hit 'Next' with brain in neutral). So I have reinstalled with software in sensible folders.
A problem remains: I have the PIDs set as in the instructions on your web site but I am only getting GOES-12 data MPEF etc (Channel 1 and Channel 3 data?) but no HRIT. In Setup4PC 'Statistics' there are only data on line 4; MC 01-00-5E-5F-DE-DF the others are zero. 'netstat -a' showed that 1065 was missing.

Given that all the settings seem to be OK I'm puzzled by this.


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