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Robert Moore

Thanks folks - a problem remains, having done the installation according to instructions I can not find a tc-recv.exe file, so can not launch the software. The T icon points to nothing, so where can the exe file have gone, I assumed it would install with everything else?


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I have only just found time to upgrade my T-systems software, using the
Two problems - and sorry if these have been discussed before - firstly
one can not choose where to install the software and so it finishes up
in a sub-directory of program files. WinXP won't let me share any files
from the
program files directory and I can't see how to make the T software put
the received data anywhere else. It must be a line in the
recv-channels.ini file, but I haven't managed to sort it out. With the
old software I had everything in C:&#92;MSG-1&#92; which shared easily with my
processing PC. Can anyone help with this please?

Robert that is not strictly true. It does seem to block the whole
Program Files folder (presumably because there are things you must nor
share in there) but it does permit you to set file sharing etc for most
of the sub-folders including all the T-system ones. So mapping is
possible. I am set-up in that arrangement, although having gone to the
Program Files folder at first myself, I too initially thought what now !


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