Robert Moore

I have only just found time to upgrade my T-systems software, using the CD from EUMETSAT.
Two problems - and sorry if these have been discussed before - firstly one can not choose where to install the software and so it finishes up in a sub-directory of program files. WinXP won't let me share any files from the program files directory and I can't see how to make the T software put the received data anywhere else. It must be a line in the recv-channels.ini file, but I haven't managed to sort it out. With the old software I had everything in C:\MSG-1\ which shared easily with my processing PC.
Can anyone help with this please?
Secondly when I came to upgrade the EKU software I was asked for a disk 'e.Token Run Time Environment 3.51'. So I had to bale out. Anyone else had this problem? From my fleeting acquaintance with recent email exchanges in the list I gather it's quite important to have this bit of software up to date.


Robert Moore

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