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Robert Moore

Thanks John - this looks very much like the glossy brochure we were given at
Leicester. I suppose I was hoping for some more technical advice - may be what
I am looking for should come from the meteorologists rather than EUMETSAT.
Best wishes


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A formless blob moves up over the
Irish Sea and the Welsh coast - how do I know if this is cloud or fog?
I know it's cloud because I can look out of the window - but supposing it
in the North Sea?

As you know MSG satellites will observe the Earth in 12 spectral channels.
Each channel has the ability to detect/show various features.
If you go to the EUMETSAT website and look for document EUM BR 11 -
Applications of Meteosat Second Generation - a very informative and
document - page 7 details the various channels that MSG senses in and gives a

description of what the channels 'show.'

John Tellick.

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