Problem processing HRV segment 17 on cycle 0900 October 13


Hello All,

I had a problem while processing HRV segment 17 from cycle 0900.
MDM (version 122.231) was halting with CPU usage 99%.

After an hour there wasn't any progress so I killed the process.
A reprocessing caused a hang at the same segment and had to be killed
Only removing this segment and reprocessing solved the problem.

My H-000-MSG1__.......HRV....17 ...200310130900-C filesize is 308.934

Can anyone that still has this raw data confirm if the filesize is the same

I also noticed that HRV segment 1 from cycle 0300 October 13 was still in
the received map and this segment is missing in the 0300 HRV image.
But this segment is not reported as missing segment. A look at the Tellique
log does show that HRV segment 1 cycle 0300 came in before HRV segment 24
cycle 0245 !

Can anyone confirm the missing segment 1 in HRV cycle 0300 ?

Arne van Belle

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