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Will MSG-2 have an SSPA allotted to the job of data dissemination? Will
SSPA be omitted or used as a backup for the really important jobs of
satellite control, telemetry and sensor downlinks? Is the TV satellite
dissemination approach the next generation, or will it be quietly
after MSG-1 as it potentially upsets the charging basis for the data?

You make some very valid points in your e-mail and your thought are shared
many, I'm sure, including myself.

Could I please jump in and say, for the time being, that I feel we should
about discussing this matter till we have some 'real' information as to
future holds?

Yes, the demise of MSG-1's SSPA's have (or could have) put a whole new
on how meteorological data is disseminated.
Actually, this is not a new idea, the CGMS considered this some years ago.
That is, meteological data dissemination via commercial satellites.

I am aware of the possible dissemination situation regarding MSG-1, 2 and
this is not official.
I feel it safe to say however EUMETCast (via hot bird) will be with us for
years yet.

I wonder if I might be allowed to take your concerns up with EUMETSAT and

a response before we all throw in our penn'orth.

John Tellick.
That would be very worthwhile John, but just let me add something already
confirmed by Eumestat.
They have stated that the future has still to be considered but that the
current DVB arrangement will continue at least until they have a full
operational set-up with proven, fully working satellites. They have defined
that as MSG-3 operational and MSG-2 in standby.
So clearly we have at worst many many years of DVB. At the moment at least
6 years and experience tells me everything moves to the right.


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