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Thanks for the latest news John. Just one question springs to mind.
Presumably those of us on the trial will be approached to purchase the
EumetCast Key Unit assuming of course we have indicated on our registration
that we propose to take data (and get our necessary licence) after the
trial. Or do we need to write and ask for it.
I also wonder if encryption in March is a pre-cursor to MSG becoming the
operational sat. also being put back to March. Not that it matters as long
as we continue to receive this marvellous stream of data.

Thanks again.

You raise two points, firstly, I had a long chat with the UK Met. Office's
Licensing Officer the other day.
I'm sorry but I'm going to be a bit cagey for the moment as discussions have
place recently at a Licensing Agents Workshop at EUMETSAT where they have
been trying to tie up some 'loose ends' regarding access policy.
Proposals are to be put to the November EUMETSAT Council meeting for
which are very much what I have wanted to see ever since we obtained the UK
access agreement.

I don't want to put my foot in it by saying more but I think the outcome will
be welcome.

UK licenses will be issued by the Met. Office in the next few months and my
understanding is that those who are already registered with EUMETSAT and taking
part in the MSG trials will be contacted directly by the Met. Office, issued
with your
license - depending on your category and you will then be able to purchase

Regarding when Meteosat-8 becomes the operational satellite - you know, I
know. MSG-1 has to be moved to 3 deg. W before then so I'll find out.


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