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Will MSG-2 have an SSPA allotted to the job of data dissemination? Will the
SSPA be omitted or used as a backup for the really important jobs of
satellite control, telemetry and sensor downlinks? Is the TV satellite
dissemination approach the next generation, or will it be quietly dropped
after MSG-1 as it potentially upsets the charging basis for the data?

You make some very valid points in your e-mail and your thought are shared by
many, I'm sure, including myself.

Could I please jump in and say, for the time being, that I feel we should be
about discussing this matter till we have some 'real' information as to what
future holds?

Yes, the demise of MSG-1's SSPA's have (or could have) put a whole new
on how meteorological data is disseminated.
Actually, this is not a new idea, the CGMS considered this some years ago.
That is, meteological data dissemination via commercial satellites.

I am aware of the possible dissemination situation regarding MSG-1, 2 and 3
this is not official.
I feel it safe to say however EUMETCast (via hot bird) will be with us for
years yet.

I wonder if I might be allowed to take your concerns up with EUMETSAT and get

a response before we all throw in our penn'orth.

John Tellick.

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