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Robert Moore

Ton - I found this very hard going to begin with. Basically you load two or three images into PaintshopPro. On each use 'Colours|Split channels|split to RGB
This will give a red, green and blue layer for each image.
You then use Colours|Combine Channel)Combine to RBG - select one colour layer from each image - and Abracadabra! There is a new false colour image.
When you're starting try the following to make it simple. Load your first image, split it and throw away green, blue and the original image. Load the second, throw away red and blue and the original. Load the third, split and keep blue. Then you are just three channels to put together again.
Of course this is not the ideal way to work and it reduces your flexibility, but once you have the hang of the process you can keep nine layers open and merge a red, green and a blue from each in various combinations until you get what you want.
I haven't really worked out optimal use of this facility in order best to show what interests me - though I get lots of very pretty pictures. I'm hoping someone might give a session on this at the GEO Symposium or write a piece for GEO journal - I've dropped hints from time to time!
Good luck

--On 18 February 2005 16:32 +0100 T Dahmen <> wrote:

Dear collegues
I received from eumetsat a nice CD (MSG Interpretation Guide) on this CD
they show nice things how you can use the different channels for seeing
snow, ice or rain in the atmosphere and much more. Sometimes they show a
subtraction from the different channels. My question is, what program can
be used to subtract channels from each other. In the geosatsignal program
I have not seen this possibility so far. I use also Paint shop pro bur I
am not a very expierienced user of that program. Has anyone a suggestion?

kind regards

Ton Dahmen

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