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Thanks Adrian - trouble is, my dish can only be mounted in one place to
'see' Meteosat-8 and this is high and awkwardly over the edge of the roof.
So I need someone to come to fix it - not safe for me to try.
All we need it ten foot off the top of a high tree on the hill opposite.
But I wouldn't even ask, because they are fine trees and an important

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Hello folks, I've just been away for two days. On my return I found
latest image was 0245 on 13th. Both symbols on my receiver PC are
red (DVB
Receiver and Tellique). Anyone any hints?


With the winds over the last few days, I guess that the dish has
moved a touch. If you can see the dish, you might see where the
brackets has moved. You need to get a Signal meter (costs around £20
or less) handy to have [I have one]. Have a look in a Sat Mag they
have Ads for them.

Cheers, Adrian

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