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"not authorized to view
this page"

I get this too, after being asked to put in my password, that was
a list of images OK, but then not allowed to view. My Yahoo status is
as I moderate several groups and have only one identity !


There have been some changes to the way Yahoo work. Once you sign in
you will see the relevant link.
I have pasted below the part of the explanation (not pasted too well but
readable) that seems to apply.
I expect the problems people are having is centred round this although I
have not studied the full script.
I have posted to all groups as this is a problem throughout. My apologies
to those who are in all groups for duplication.


"How do I ensure I can access the Files and Photos areas of a group?

To access the Files and Photos areas, please make sure you are registered
with Yahoo!. (If you have a Yahoo! ID, you are already registered.)
Secondly, make sure that you have web memberships for your group (as opposed
to just belonging to a group email list.)"

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