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Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 12:07 PM
Subject: [MSG-1] Solar outage

My worst day was today at 10:47 UTC. At the peak, the reported
quality was 29% (yellow), SNR ~4.8dB, BER ~6E-3. However, I seem
not to loose any segments (probably just luck, as it was just past
the 15-minute point, where Eumetcast goes silent for about a minute.

Interestingly, during wind and rain, when I have missed segments,
the indicators have not dropped anything like that low, suggesting
perhaps that the indicators average over too long a period to show
problems, and that momentary drops due to wind (moving the dish) may
be quite important.

Open for discussion....

Yes and following my own experience of accidentally exiting the DVB program
and reloading (without closing Tellique), followed by a 10% + segment loss,
it makes me wonder if a complete loss of signal, however momentary, will
behave the same as exiting the program and re-loading. That would then
give a large segment loss. Apart from the log file there is no way of
knowing because the programs both give an outward appearance of working
I now leave well alone.
Last 2 days have been excellent. Nothing lost of the channels I take and
the times I receive. Fantastic animations.


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