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Robert Moore

James it would be nice if these images could be posted to the group. I'm currently without any images because I can not get anyone out to adjust my dish until Wednesday.
Has anyone thought of a way to protect a very exposed dish - this is the third time mine has been physically moved by strong wind? The flexing is a separate problem. The optimum solution to both problems would be to move house - but not a feasible one.

--On 24 December 2004 16:01 +0000 James Brown <> wrote:

Looking around the HRV Africa window this afternoon revealed an amazing
cloud pattern around the Lat 8 Long 22 mark. If anyone has an earlier
picture - say around the 11-12noon slots it would be even better.

I believe the moisture in the clouds has crated arrow like lenses which
have the appearance of asteroids landing and creating craters - there is
also an amazing line in the same place which looks like a line of

If anyone would care to e-mail me the HRV Africa window from an earlier
time slot I would be very grateful. I have broadband - so zipped up
shouldn't be a problem.


Just take out the 'x' and replace dots with '.'


James Brown

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