Re: loss of signal

Robert Moore

Nigel - see my reply to David. All settings are correct.
India was great - I hope to be able to established contact with someone from the Indian Space Programme shortly.
Thanks for help

--On 21 December 2004 12:15 +0000 nigel heasman <> wrote:

Hi Robert,
I don't recollect any changes since 19th November -
presume you have checked "Setup4PC" has the correct
transponder (10853MHz) - what are you seeing under the
Status tab??
How was India??

--- Robert Moore <> wrote:

Hello folks - returned from India and switched
everything on expecting to
resume receiving Meteosat-8 and all I got was a red
icon in the task bar.
I checked that the dish was still on the wall!
Everything was working fine
when I closed down on 19 November so don't quite now
why it was not all
there when I turned on again. Anyone any thoughts on

Robert Moore

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