Re: loss of signal

Robert Moore

1) David, Not a silly question - but the plug was the first thing I checked.
I'll need to get local TV installers to check alignment given the awkward position of my dish - probably after Christmas now.
2) Robert, the mains were unplugged while I was away .... but are you suggesting a complete reinstallation?

Thanks both

--On 21 December 2004 13:12 +0000 David J Taylor <> wrote:

Robert Moore wrote:
Thanks David. Left hand side of my status screen is the same as the
screen shot in your web-page. Right hand side is 'No information' and
'Signal strength 0%'
The 'Statistics' section is quite different - only the line BC
tallies in my screen.
Dish OK and I've made sure that the short run of cable has not been
chewed by a squirrel (not unknown around here).
Best wishes
OK, Robert.

I would have to guess that the dish has blown in the wind. Silly
question, the cable from the dish is plugged into the card on the PC, I
suppose? You might have removed it in case of lightning.


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