Help for MSG1 software configuration !!!

f5hcc <f5hcc@...>

First, I thank you for reading this message.
I have problems to receive properly MSG1 data stream.
I'm using a TECHNISAT card on a Pentium III 1GHz PC running under
Windows XP Pro SP1.
I followed all the "official instructions" (TECHNISAT, EUMETSAT and
TELLIQUE), then all the tips I could find on the forum.
On a hardware point of view, everything is OK (all flags are "green"
with Setup4PC, all the parameters are OK), but I have problems with
TELLIQUE software.
Tellique software icone is "pink T on white background" and
shows "connected" with mouse cursor on it, but when I run HTML
shell, I have no throughput of data...
Under shell, Status is "OK", Recipient shows an IP address, but
under Active Channel, TSL announcement channel, I always
got "Connecting" with Priority "0" and data received "0".
Data Channel is empty (only dashes).
I found that Host_key1, 2 and 3 are completed, but Host_key4 is
In the recv.ini file, line with "user_key_crypt" is empty; maybe
some thing is wrong with my Username and User Key ? When I run
TELLICAST client installation, I got an error message at last step,
something like "unable to open file keys.ini".
I tried to install both softwares (Technisat and Tellique) on
another hard disk running under Windows ME and have the same problem.
Technisat drivers are revision 4.28, and tellicast client is
revision 2.3.0a.
Any idea ?
I hope someone could help me !

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