Re: Missing Segments

Peter Benney <tugboat@...>

My report so far:

Cycle: 0800
msg-ch09, seg: 6
msg-ch10, seg: 6

(ignoring FSD)

Did you also get a missing 0845 cycle yesterday.
My log shows last file received for 0830 cycle was at
08:47:38 HRV segment 24.
08:48:21 Key 65477 expired
08:48.42 Key 65481 expired
08:49:12 Key 65483 expired
08:59:35 Received new key 65516
Return to reception of 0900 cycle.

I have also noticed this missing segment behaviour if I hot swop dishes. The only way I found to resolve this is a switch ON/OFF, restart has no effect and of course no hot swopping.

Solar outage was more severe yesterday a quality drop from 70% to 48% and SNR from 10.8 to 9.0.



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