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Had visitors today and just back to the computer. I take it
others are seeing quite a number of missing segments since this
afternoon. Seem to be widely scattered.

My report so far:

Cycle: 0800
msg-ch09, seg: 6
msg-ch10, seg: 6

(ignoring FSD)

Glad to see you have now solved the problem. I wonder if I had the
same issue when I had all the unexplained missing segments? It
might also be interesting to check the Tellique log file.....

It does make you wonder, David. Tellique log file for the period has a lot
of ended/interrupted after file transmission reports with ..files
missing/incomplete. So it certainly was being picked up. The DVB system
appeared to be working perfectly, so it does sound very similar to your own
experience, except I can point to a specific event of my own doing.
Lesson well learnt.
I was showing Ian something, as he was visiting, so maybe sabotage !!!!


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