Missing Segments

Douglas Deans <douglas@...>

Peter (and others).
Problem resolved, and a lesson learned.

This afternoon I accidentally exited the DVB programme instead of minimising
it to the Taskbar. I only realised this when I noticed on my processing
computer that no images were coming in. Having realised my mistake, I
re-started the DVB program (with Tellique still running) and all seemed
well. In fact I have been getting about a 10% segment loss.
I restarted everything in sequence and now all is fine.... another step on
the learning curve. Do not go near the DVB program and if you do, restart
in the correct sequence ie. DVB with Tellique off, followed by Tellique on.
Why it behaves in this strange way is anyone's guess, but it does.

Thanks again for your report Peter without which I would have continued
assuming Eumetsat problems, instead of looking a little closer ! (My
apologies to Eumetsat for wicked thoughts !!)


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