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Robert Moore

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Hi all

I have only just started with MSG-1 so a newbie. I am also trying David
Taylor's excellent program MSG Data Manager
Tony - why do you need Met 7 when you have Met 8?

Can anyone tell me how often the Met 7 images are downloaded as at the
moment all I seem to be getting is GEOS 10, GEOS 12, GEOS 9 and NO Met7 or

I keep looking in the 12. High res vis window but guess this will only be
available during light hours?

I am able to receive NOAA APT images?
No - some of the sounding data from NOAA are rebroadcast through Met-8, but not images as such. Don't even think about this at present!

Can I receive RSS and how do I view it?
Yes, you just need to register for RSS and then receive with the software you are already using - and I assume you are using geoSatSignal to view the images? The MSG-1 group mail should have a specific pointer to the method for registering for RSS. Sorry I can't remember it off the top of my head.

I have read many messages and looked at loads of websites. VERY CONFUSED
Most of us were at one time - stick to this mailing list, you'll get clear advice. As I hope this is.


Tony de M0MTD

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