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It would be nice to have MSG with an option so that you can
stop processing at completion of the next full set of images......


As I have explained before, the way the images are currently
transmitted, one set of images may start before the last set are
complete. Particularly, channel 12 HRV may well start before the
other channels are done. So there is no simple way to pick one
particular point in time when to stop processing. If others need
this function, perhaps I will look into it further....

In any case, you can stop the processing at any time if you have
the "Persistant images" box checked. When the program is reloaded
it will restore the partially processed images, so that no data is
lost. Does that provide the function you need?

I have "Persistant images" checked and it does prevent loss of
images. What I was thinking was that if one could set a UTC time and
date up to which one would process and ignore all data afterwards I
would have complete images to that set time/date. I can usually
predict that I am going to need the machine at a known time in the
future. It is not particularly important and I guess it is a
refinement few will want.

Regards David

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