Re: Setup help please

Robert Moore

Back in the days when we were running Windows 3.1 I'm sure I read an article
about tappping into a temperature sensor that was found inside some PCs so that
you could have a bleep (or indeed a dog-cough) when the card reached a certain
temperature - or maybe you could just arrange to have the power switched off
... I forget which now. But surely most PCs will have some kind of heat sensor
- EC regulations surely cover this as a safety measure?
Does anyone have time to search the web on this one?


Quoting Douglas Deans <>:

Now a question for everyone else: what happens if the card gets too
hot - how do you detect this?

The dog's coughing when you get back home !!

Bur seriously it is a fair point. And what is too hot. I know what my
SKY box feels like.
I think Ian's point is a fair one. Although this card gets a tremendous
write up it is extremely cheap by comparison with others. I would not like
to have to replace a full HRIT or LRIT receiver but this card is less than
most cheap graphics cards.... not that I don't hope it will last for many


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