Re: Setup help please

Robert Moore

John, as an inexpert person in this field I just stuck my card in the available
slot that was further from any other (I think there is one vacant space between
the card and next). I had a terrible time getting started mainly because I was
hopeless at IP addresses and new to networking (and I had a stupid firewall
which I replaced). But once up and running I left the PC on the floor in a
corner and it has now been running for ... it sems like forever now ... with no
overheating, no hitches, 24 hours a day seven days a week and right through the
hot weather spell.
These comments may not be helpful but I hope they are reassuring!


In a message dated 01-10-03 19:35:24 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Oh, and moving the card is a sure way of loosing an afternoon in
subsequent re-configuration....something else that should be in the

David and All,

For those of us YET to install our SkyStar cards (never mind purchase the
computer to put it in) could somebody please give chapter and verse as to
where the SkyStar card should (preferably) be installed - (with all this
experience) - despite 'overheating' and what installation instructions

As you say, more info for the FAQ's document.


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