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Ian wrote:
.... However there are people who are using the original Tellique software that don't have the TV problem which does suggest that OS or set-up may play a part.

You're right Ian, installing an MSG system basically comprimiss 3 steps:
1 Installing the Skystar 2 driver ( Skynet.inf )
2 Installing the setup4PC and additional tools (like TV4PC)
3 Installing the tellique client.

The first released (T-Systems Eumecast) CDROM does step 1 and 2 but does not install TV4PC. And if you already installed from the original Skystar CDROM, this was removed before.

I did step 1 and 2 from the skystar CDROM and only added the tellique client from the T-systems CDROM.
This offers te possibility to do TV receive and MSG. But you have to set data services, PID's and so on manually, as described in EUM TD15.
And in some occasions I had problems switching back to MSG reception.
This is because 3 other dataservices are predefined too ( SatATonce, EOL and T-DSL). You can prevent this by removing these services, so after TV receive you always default to Eumetcast Data service.

If you do steps 1 to 3 from the T-systems supplied CDROM, the correct dataservice is predefined automatically. But PID's have to be added manually.

I don't have the Eumetsat supplied CDROM , but based on the messages I assume they improved the way that Tellique is installed and may have added TV4PC.

I did compare the Skystar 4.2.2 CDROM with the 4.2.2b, only minor differences, only solving the Mediaplayer9 on XP systems problem.
My T-systems Eumetcast CDROm uses the same drivers as Skystar 4.2.2

So the possibilities are present in all hardware versions (Skystar2 rev1.3 and 2.6B), and on every OS, but the order in which you install is important.

Just a remark for W98/ME users, if you miss more segments (compared to others), check your recv.log in the Tellique folder. Look for the word "buffer" .
This OS has a problem with a receive buffer. The buffer is defined too small and I have not seen any solution to enlarge this buffer under W98/ME.

Arne van Belle

With modern computers. OS and the complexities of the various set-ups people
have, trying to get to the root of any problem is probably near impossible.
All part of the fun of the hobby !!



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