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Thanks for the reply.

I do think though that the issue about TV ceasing after the installation
the Tellique software is an interesting one. If as you say the early
Tellique software appeared designed to do this one would assume that
everyone who had installed this software would have the problem having
presumably used the TV to set-up the dish. However there are people who
using the original Tellique software that don't have the TV problem which
does suggest that OS or set-up may play a part.
With modern computers. OS and the complexities of the various set-ups
have, trying to get to the root of any problem is probably near
All part of the fun of the hobby !!



I was up and running with Tellique before MSG-1 data had commenced, using it
for the EARS service.
I have to agree, that I have never had any problem viewing TV. (not that I
do it much). I am pretty certain this is down to installation methods. I
simply followed the Tellique instructions to a 'T' if you excuse the play on
words and symbols !
In addition, later on when MSG came along I had to download and install the
Tellique upgrade from Client 2.3.0 to 2.3.0a to deal with the larger
bandwidths etc. Again no problem. Using XP Home by the way.
One issue that may be important is that I did not set up a network between
my 2 computers until everything else was done. Not an intentional ploy
just that I ran on one computer until I got the spare down from the loft.
I am very inexperienced with networks but it seems to me that if there is
one thing guaranteed to upset 2 perfectly good computers it is networking
them !... it is an art. Mine works ok although not too sure how.....XP's
network wizard did the job !


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