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Thanks for the reply.

I do think though that the issue about TV ceasing after the installation of
the Tellique software is an interesting one. If as you say the early
Tellique software appeared designed to do this one would assume that
everyone who had installed this software would have the problem having
presumably used the TV to set-up the dish. However there are people who are
using the original Tellique software that don't have the TV problem which
does suggest that OS or set-up may play a part.
With modern computers. OS and the complexities of the various set-ups people
have, trying to get to the root of any problem is probably near impossible.
All part of the fun of the hobby !!



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just for info (and hopefully not to prolong the non-MSG thread!) - the
issues a number of early adopters saw re (lack of) TV viewing weren't OS
On a PC which had the Technisat DVB installed and functioning OK for TV
(as some us did whilst waiting for Tellique), as soon as the early Tellique
TQRECV was installed, TV ceased - because the data software installation
script appeared designed to make a clean start and deliberately and
explicity deleted the DVB TV facilities so it was a pure data only receiver.

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