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just for info (and hopefully not to prolong the non-MSG thread!) - the issues a number of early adopters saw re (lack of) TV viewing weren't OS related.
On a PC which had the Technisat DVB installed and functioning OK for TV (as some us did whilst waiting for Tellique), as soon as the early Tellique TQRECV was installed, TV ceased - because the data software installation script appeared designed to make a clean start and deliberately and explicity deleted the DVB TV facilities so it was a pure data only receiver.
(and XP? - well IMHO agree most things are better than 9x and definitley better than Win ME but NT4 or W2k still far more stable and reliable than XP for many things - and I have upgraded a number of XP machines to W2k !)
Dave M

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From: Ian S Deans
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Hi Paul,

I am using the new DVB card and the software is 4.2.2b The Tellique software
number is the same as you have but it clearly has changes as mentioned in my
mail to Roger and Dave.

I know that there has been some discussions in the past about the use of
Windows 98/ME etc although some people are clearly using these operating
systems with some success, but it is just possible that your problem of not
receiving TV might be connected to your operating system.


I suspect if you update to XP you would get TV. Its a nice operating
system -- very user friendly.

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