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Thanks everyone. However the mrtg that is not running is on a Windows 10 machine. My windows 11 machine has it running properly.
The error message results from an attempt to run a .cfg file.
So....what does the message signify? Is it the work directory it can't find?
Thanks again.
John at Cullercoats.

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Very glad you are both ahead of the curve!
Won’t move for a while though Windows reports my Dell computers as being compatible.


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On 14/07/2022 14:06, James Brown wrote:
Helpful. Thanks David. Was wondering who might be pioneers of a complete system on 11.


Yes, I was wondering that, too! Although I think there are already a
number of
Windows-11 EUMETCast users, some in this group.

My MRTG issue was using a different version of Perl which didn't
support a function needed to get the system uptime.

John is using the Developer version of Win-11, so nearer to alpha then
beta, and that could be the problem. Last time we had an issue like
that was the TBS drivers not working (IIRC) and Microsoft fixed that
problem after a few of us reported it.

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