Re: All you get from MSG4 seviri with PyTROLL/SatPy out of the box

Ernst Lobsiger


a really interesting system. Christian Peters does also decompress all segment files beforehand. I like them compressed as I do everything on my GNU/Linux CLI receivers.

What I noticed on your page:

-- On the legends of Meteosat images you still note Eumetcast 'Channel_2' (EUMETSAT has renamed Basic Service channels).
-- Your Sentinel-3X  images have broad fringes at the sides of the swath. That's probably due to a far too big  radius_of_influence  for the 'nearest' resampler.
-- I see that your UKMO mslp overlays are sometimes to old for the underlaying images. I'm in doubt what version of CMD script you use. You probably picked up a (Beta?) script version from this MSG-1 list. There was a last update 2022/01/05 that I faintly remember to have sent to Graham Woolf in a private e-Mail. The problem was a missing [math]::floor as PowerShell *rounds* to next integers (see my logest CMD line ever written). That means the older version was/is buggy because it can round up and cause download problems when it wants to get a future chart. So if your script is basically my older version you should consider to update. I attach the script that I finally found in my Windows mess as a *.txt.

Good luck,

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