Kenan Vilic

Hi Jonathan


I had the same problem couple of days ago with my host_key_4. I had to install drivers for the EKU from the website:


Remember that password and user name for EKU are not the same as for the EO Portal (took me too long time to realize).






From: <> On Behalf Of Jonathan Williams
Sent: Saturday, 4 June 2022 11.41
Subject: [MSG-1] EKU


Hi all,


Nearly another year on from my intention (and great expense) to get EUMETCast going again, I have FINALLY taken the opportunity of this UK Jubilee holiday to jump into action! Main holdup was the new Gibertini 1.2m dish. Erected yesterday with appropriate bracket and locked onto 10E with a healthy 12.3dB level.


One question. Tellicast isn’t seeing or communicating with either of my two EKUs (there is no host_key_4 entry).

I am presuming my vintage 2004 blue EKUs and the associated username/password are still valid? I have fired off an email to ops@eumetsat but thought I’d ask here whilst I await a reply. I’m so close now and itching to see those images flowing in again!




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