Re: BS/HVS-1 traffic levels.

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On 11/04/2022 13:12, geojohnt via wrote:

Thanks for the monitoring link.

I'm not missing 'anything' so no problems.
I guess I only look at the SR1 Controller 'at the wrong time.'

And the graphs show the changing peaks and troughs of data against time.

That's good. The graphs are each averaged over a 5-minute period (for data
flow) so fast variations are not seen. If you're taking only BAS data, that
will be zero when HVS-1 is sent.

One mistake I made was to omit the one of the new channels, as it seemed that
the MPEF data was duplicated! IIRC new "E1B-GEO-4" needs to go to old "Data
Channel 3", as old "Data Channel 4" was not used. Sigh.

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