Re: Setup help please

Ian S Deans <ian@...>

Hi Paul,

I am using the new DVB card and the software is 4.2.2b The Tellique software
number is the same as you have but it clearly has changes as mentioned in my
mail to Roger and Dave.

I know that there has been some discussions in the past about the use of
Windows 98/ME etc although some people are clearly using these operating
systems with some success, but it is just possible that your problem of not
receiving TV might be connected to your operating system.

Having said that it is clear that some people have had a variety of
different problems setting up and others like me ( and Douglas a while
back ) have sailed through the set-up without the slightest problem. I am
only using one computer which is nearly three years old ( Athlon 1200, 768mb
ram ) and MSG is working like a dream. Ok I have to apply a bit of common
sense but I am using it for day to day things as before.

Basically I think that in general the hardware and software work fine ( you
will of course get the odd faulty card ) but when you think about the
complexity of the different computer set-ups that people must have it is
perhaps understandable why problems arise.

I suspect if you update to XP you would get TV. Its a nice operating
system -- very user friendly.

Best Wishes


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