Re: Linux / TBS 5927 Lock-Led does not light up although receiving data

Christian Peters


on my TBS 5925 running Linux my lock led never was on. So don't worry if all works well. 
Maybe it's not implemented in the driver..?



Am 20.02.2022 um 21:19 schrieb Andreas Mueller <juamueller@...>:

@Ernst and the other Linux Geeks,

i recently rebooted my EumetCast Receiving Station (after 5 months sys uptime) and now the Lock-Led of my TBS5927 does not light up any longer (only the blue Power-Led does)
Other than that everything is fine and i'm receiving data (BAS + HVS1) as before (femon also shows 'FE_HAS_LOCK')

Is this something anyone has experienced as well?


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