Re: Satpy: GOES problems

R. Alblas

No luck, I did remove the extra installed netCDF4 and h5netcdf, only pyhdf is present.

Also with new received files, I get the same result:

ValueError: found the following matches with the input file in xarray's IO backends: ['netcdf4', 'h5netcdf']. But their dependencies may not be installed, see:



On 02-02-2022 19:36, Ernst Lobsiger via wrote:
On Wed, Feb 2, 2022 at 10:14 AM, R. Alblas wrote:
Btw, channel names I have here are M3C02 etc., not M6C03. I need first 'fresh' data, I think...

Above channel is C02. M3, M4, M6 is scan mode (see file pattern in *.yaml). M6 is now default.


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