Re: What products available from BAS, HVS-1 and HVS-2

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On 26/01/2022 09:29, Paul Gulliver wrote:
Thanks David,
So in simple terms the Meteosat dissemination is via the basic service and the
GOES via HVS-1.
I'm just ploughing my way through the back issues of the GEO magazine to see
what info I can get from there,
Two of the links that didn't work were to EUMETSAT and also the link to Hugh
Marnoch (in the alignment section) doesn't work



Thanks very much for pointing out these issues - that's appreciated. The
EUMETSAT site underwent its second major reorganisation in as many years
recently, and broke a lot of the links. After over an hour of Googling to find
the new links I've updated a lot of that page, although some errors will remain
(especially when I got tired of doing this). Where possible I've updated the
information too. I hope you find the updated page a little more useful!

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