Re: My first Satpy image

R. Alblas

"Solved" the problem. The program  is now called 'magick' and not 'convert'.

Problem with source code, which gives 'convert', is that some jpeg headerfiles are missing; configure did give an error message and apparently just left out jpeg support.

I did replace 'convert' with 'magick' (which i did download directly) and now jpeg works. Though for text I had to add explicit a font type because default helvetica doesn't work (also not with 'convert')


On 26-01-2022 11:33, Ernst Lobsiger via wrote:

Hi Rob,

welcome to the PyTROLL/Satpy club. I never had a problem with IM as I always installed the distro package.
Sometimes I had to edit the IM policy file for more memory when making very BIG images (e..g. GOES16).
In my distro this is found under /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml.  You can usually ignore the python warnings.


P.S. There is a typo "Edinbourg" instead of "Edinburgh" in all my scripts.

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