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Christian Peters

Nice animation to watch the wave spreading...



Am 17.01.22 um 09:56 schrieb R. Alblas:

I meant to add, Rob, that the number fit well.  What I had wondered about was
what speed of sound to use, as I think it will vary with height. Put another
way round - can we tell the height of the pressure wave by the speed at which
it travelled?


The tome of the direct wave fits very well, but that's more of a coincidence, I think. Speed of sound changes with air temperature, humidity and more. I did just pick an average number.

If the wave would travel at 1 km height that would mean just 6 km more travel distance, which is just 17 seconds more traveling around the world.

A change in travel speed does do much more: 331 m/s at 0 degrees, low humidity, average is 343; that changes travel time 30 minutes from Tonga to Edinburgh.

(Just pick up some numbers from Wikipedia etc., I am not a "sound speed expert"  ;-) )

It would be interesting to see more graphs around the world, especially from Africa, where the 2 waves did meet each other...


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