Re: Migrating from C10 to C3

Alan Curnow

The C10 to C3 migration only affects the HVS-2 High Volume Service which has always required a dual o/p LNB and a second receiver if you are already receiving the Basic and/or the HVS-1 service.

Basic and HVS-1 uses 1 transponder, HVS-2 uses a second transponder.

As you are only receiving a single input to the SR1 I'm assuming you're receiving only the Basic Service, along with possibly HVS1, so no change is required for you as the Basic & HVS-1 service stays on the same transponder and polarity even when the new E10B satellite is used.

If you wanted to also receive the HVS-2 service in the future a dual o/p LNB would be required. Also a second receiver would be needed. The SR1 can only use both RF inputs at the same time if both inputs use 8PSK MODCOD or lower. Basic uses 8PSK while both HVS-1 and HVS-2 use 16APSK MODCOD. If you're receiving a 16APSK transmission only one SR1 RF input can be used.


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