Re: Setup help please

Paul Telco <paul@...>


Could you let us know what versions of software you are using?

My system definitely will not receive TV once the Tellique software is
installed. I have DVB version 4.2.2 and Tellique version 2.3.0a.

Incidentally, in trying to reduce the unusually high number of missing
segments on my system, I moved the DVB card from PCI slot 1 to slot 0 as
described in the recent thread in this group. Big mistake. I reinstalled the
Tellicast software with no problem but the Tellique software would not even
install itself. I got 'Invalid page fault in module crtdll.dll' message and
installaion aborted. I reinstalled Windows (98 admittedly but it was working
reasonably well before) checked for duplicate and missing drivers elsewhere
but no
good. I'm just reverting to the original arrangement with the card in slot 1
and it all installs ok.


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