Migrating from C10 to C3

alan paul

I have a 90cm dish and a horizontally polarised LNB. The receiver is a AYEDKA SR1and the coax is connected to RF1 input. I am presuming that  i need to purchase
a new dual polarisation LNB and run another coax feed into the shack?.Do i plug the 2nd coax into RF2 or shall i purchase a coaxial switch and still use RF1 input? 

Reading the email from Eutelsat I understand I that i may need to alter one of the parameters
in the receiver to include PID 500. Question,how do i do that.?

Also reading from the email I understand that Eumetsat will be providing us with a script that can be downloaded to be inserted in to the Tellicast software.
I'm new to this group so I not sure how things work
Would be grateful of any advice  regards Alan

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