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On 09/01/2022 09:57, Aldo via wrote:
Hi David
Thanks for the reply and the program and advice.
Unfortunately I have a problem with the parabola installed and it does not
receive the HVS-1 channel.
Due to the wind it has moved and receives only eumetcast base and of 80 cm I
have to replace with 100 cm.
thanks 73 aldo ik1rgm

There's a document here with the footprint of the 10A satellite:

Your 80cm may be OK once it is fixed very well! The 100 cm will get more
signal. but it will also catch more wind, and it will also be more sensitive to
any changes in its pointing. You can't win!

It is also very important to get the dish correctly set:

- azimuth (obvious)
- elevation (obvious)
- skew of the LNB (to minimise reception of the vertically polarised signal)
- focus (move the LNB slightly closer to or further away from the dish)

My apologies if you already know all this, but we are dealing with very weak
and quite wide bandwidth signals. Every extra fraction of a dB is worth the

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