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Philip Robinson

I cant thank you enough
Thats what the problem is. I wondered why i wasnt receiving all the data in hvs-1
I had the "name=" correct on only one of the channels E1H-2PG-2. I knew it would be something simple, i never noticed that. I thought i had checked carefully all the target paths but one little error in the config file caused my problem.
Next job to amend the cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini
I am sure it will work now and will be the reason i havent been receiving all my data for other software that requires hvs-1.
I am looking forward later to see if EUMETCastview has the files now.

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On 06/01/2022 11:05, Philip Robinson wrote:
Good Morning
Attached is a copy of my cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini file( all channels
named and not default )and also a screenshot of the relevant data in
EUMETCASTview plus the a view of the logfile for TELLICAST hvs-1 just to show i
am receiving other files ok.

Shouldn't "name =" be "name=" - no space?

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