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Philip Robinson

Good Morning 
Attached  is a copy of my cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini   file( all channels named and not default )and also a screenshot of the relevant data in EUMETCASTview plus the a view of the logfile for TELLICAST hvs-1 just to show i am receiving other files ok.
I have created manually the target directory for the files D:\EUMETCast\received\hvs-1\E1H-RDS-2
Once again i checked my portal. I have EARS-MERSI ticked in my regional data services, plus the other EARS services.
I am a little puzzled
I am using Windows10

To help with python by the way. I have arriving today a book Beginners Guide to Python., which should give me more needed knowledge.
thanks again
PS i have also attached a copy of my cast-client_hvs-1.ini ,but i dont think it will be relevant as i have no other problems with receiving hvs-1 data 

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I also just noticed that the entry I posted further down


might not be enoug in your case. It assumes some special general settings in the cast-client_hvs-1.ini file.

Can you post the non working entry you made for channel E1H-RDS-2 and an entry of a channel that works for you?
Have you made the entry for E1H-RDS-2 at the very bottom (again this bottom!)  AFTER  a * default channels entry?
In the latter case you will find your files in the default directory. You almost NEVER need a default directory anyway!



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