Re: Setup help please

Ian S Deans <ian@...>

Dave and Roger,

As you will appreciate it is difficult for me to make exact comparisons
between the older DVB card and the original Tellique software as I have
never used them, but things I had expected to need to do to get up and
running were not required more especially with the DVB card.

If you are using the new version of the DVB card it would appear that all
the necessary settings for the data channel for MSG are now pre programmed
including the PID's although it was necessary for me to enter one ( cannot
remember if it was 301 or 501 ) but until you have the Tellique software
this cannot be properly checked as its installation will alter some
settings. Once the Tellique software is installed all I required to do was
to go into Setup4PC/Data Services click apply and the icon in the taskbar
changed to green to show signal ok internet via broadband.

The Tellique software is the same version as before, but again there are
some changes. Putting in username/password is now part of loading the
software whereas before I think you had to change an ini. file after loading
was completed. Also under the older software you had to click on a desktop
icon to start up with the icon then appearing in your taskbar. Now as soon
as your computer is switched on start up does that for you and data starts
to flow immediately.

One point worth mentioning. One or two mails have suggested that once the
Tellique software is loaded it stops access to the TV channels should you
want them. That is not the case. Clearly you cannot take in MSG data and
watch TV channels, but if you stop MSG data simply click on TV4PC and TV
will be available. This applies to old and new cards.

I hope I have been of some help, but I am still very new to all this myself.
However it seems that installation is now more automated than it was for
those that were in at the beginning.



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