Re: Using begiiners guide to PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0 for Windows10 64bit

Christian Peters


there is an option to save raw files in Metop manager. You have to tick "Save data in EPS format".
This saves the raw data in the EPS-Global folder as "AVHR_xxx_1B_M01...... .epg-glb").

If you tweak the avhrr_l1b_eps.yaml file in Satpy to recognize files like
AVHR_xxx_1B_M01_20211217004903Z_20211217005203Z_N_O_20211217012222Z.eps_glb you can use
this files with Satpy.

Maybe Ernst could add the tweak into his next release, you just have to add a reader dir in your
SATPY_CONFIG_PATH, and the place the tweaked avhrr_l1b_eps.yaml files there.
Then the files stored by Metop manager will be recognized.



Am 03.01.22 um 11:05 schrieb Graham Woolf:

Good Morning Philip

There is an issue with David's Metop Manager in that there isnt an option to save the raw data to a specified location like there is in the MSG Data Manager and I dont think there ever will be

However if you  untick Delete Files from RX in the Metop Manager then it will continually reprocess all the files again and again - it doesnt seem to recognise which files have been processed for that day and which havent so it just does the whole lot over again

The solution I found is to set up a process that watches the EPS-10 directory and as soon as new files come in it copies them to a specified location. It does this before the Metop Manager processes them which means I can leave Delete Files from RX ticked . However for my solution it does involve extra software to monitor the EPS-10 directory

Its just something to be aware of if you decide to use pytroll for Metop images

It doesnt seem to be a problem with Himawari ,GOES16/17s as they do have an option to save the raw data

I dont know why the Metop Manager is different



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