Re: Using begiiners guide to PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0 for Windows10 64bit

Philip Robinson

Hi Graham
Thanks for informing me about Metop Manager. I will print your email out and file it with  lots of paperwork involving this satellite hobby. When i try using pytroll for Metop images, that info i am sure will be useful.
I can see i will have much to learn, even some of the basics using and processing images, in pytroll. But at least i have a start, and now using what i have learnt so far, i can produce images using PyTroll/SatPy. And its no longer a complete mystery when it crops up in the msg forums. One of the reasons i took up this hobby is that all my life i have been very interested in meteorology, climate etc, and this is another outlet for that. 

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Good Morning Philip

There is an issue with David's Metop Manager in that there isnt an option to save the raw data to a specified location like there is in the MSG Data Manager and I dont think there ever will be

However if you  untick Delete Files from RX in the Metop Manager then it will continually reprocess all the files again and again - it doesnt seem to recognise which files have been processed for that day and which havent so it just does the whole lot over again

The solution I found is to set up a process that watches the EPS-10 directory and as soon as new files come in it copies them to a specified location. It does this before the Metop Manager processes them which means I can leave Delete Files from RX ticked . However for my solution it does involve extra software to monitor the EPS-10 directory

Its just something to be aware of if you decide to use pytroll for Metop images

It doesnt seem to be a problem with Himawari ,GOES16/17s as they do have an option to save the raw data

I dont know why the Metop Manager is different




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