Re: Historic document about first US imaging (reconnaissance) satellites

Ferdinand Valk

Thanks for sharing Luis, muy apreciado.




From: On Behalf Of Luis Fernandez
Sent: Monday, 22 November, 2021 15:47
Subject: [MSG-1] Historic document about first US imaging (reconnaissance) satellites


Hi group

The US goverment has recently released to public access a number of classified documents
A good friend inmediately sent me a copy of a very interesting pdf. It was published by the
US National Reconnaissance Office in the early 80's and covers the evolution of US "spy" satellites
from the early CORONA to the KENNEN/KH-11, which was state of the art in 1977

I'm sure you will enjoy reading it. Really amazing how big the technical problems were and how they managed to
overcome then and contributed to develop new technologies we actually enjoy

You can download it from my personal Dropbox with this link

73 de Luis

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