Re: Pytroll/Satpy coordinates in scripts

Ernst Lobsiger


remember that it is of no use to have very big numbers of pixels. Only the aspect ratio of area-extent and image shape must match.
The example I started with has 1000 pixels for 300 km.This is 300m per pixel. Only Sentinel- 3A/B OLCI (EFR) has this resolution.
Meteosat has 3km resolution for all channels but HRV that has 1km resolution. This is at SubSatelltePoint (SSP) on the equator.
For Europe (slant view) the resolution is even less. So for 600km high x 300km wide imaged with SEVIRI even 600 x 300 pixels is
enough. The more pixels the longer the reprojection (resampling) with the Satpy script will take. It's good practice to have e.g.
italy1 with smaller image size for GEO sats and italy2 with 500m resolution for LEO sats like NOAA20 and SuomiNPP (VIIRS).


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