Re: Dual Link Margin script

Ernst Lobsiger

On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 12:08 PM, fbreame wrote:
Also I'm not terribly happy about using empirical constants when we have the values anyway, assuming that the SR1 people knew what they were doing.

my point is, of course I cannot be 100% sure or prove it, that the SR1 people used exactly those empirical constants to get their LM.
When I look at David's Ayecka #1 this evening comparing mean values I see SNR = 12.6 dB,  LM BAS = 6.7dB,  LM HVS-1 = 3.3dB.

But 12.6 - 5.9 = 6.7 and 12.6 - 9.3 = 3.3 as I stated above.


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